“The Talk” is a big part of life for many Black families.

One Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show”, host Trevor Noah addressed the killing of Daunte Wright, and talked about the difficult conversation many Black parents have with their children about the police.

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“It has been another week in America. Which means it’s been another week of Black people being harassed or killed by the police,” he said. “For Black people in America, these traffic stops are scarier than any Jordan Peele movie.

Referencing the sit-down Black parents give their kids to teach them how to behave safely around police officers, Noah said. “Believe me, every Black family in America knows what ‘The Talk’ is.”

He added, “That’s right. Police violence is such a threat that somehow the most uncomfortable talk you have to have with your kids is the one where you don’t use the word ‘semen.’”

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Noah also talked about how Black parents use “The Talk” as a way of training, comparing it to the training police get.

“You know, when you think about it, Black people have more education around policing than actual police. Like, no cop starts training at eight years old,” Noah said.

“So, we know that Black people know what’s at stake, and have methods of how to handle being pulled over by police. But ‘the talk’ still hasn’t been able to prevent police violence against Black people,” he added. “So maybe it’s not Black people who need a talk about how to act around the police. Maybe, just maybe, police need a talk about how to act around Black people.”