John Stamos credits his sobriety to his decision to get married and have children.

The “Fuller House” actor, 57, joined Howard Stern on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” to promote his new Disney+ series “Big Shot” and opened up about meeting his now-wife Caitlin McHugh, and what part sobriety had in that.

“The sobriety helped. My mind got very clear,” Stamos explained. “I realized I just had to put everything into it.”

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According to the star, Stamos met McHugh on the set of “Law & Order: SUV”, but she was in a serious relationship with another man at the time.

“She was engaged, and we exchanged numbers,” he recalled. “But after a while, she said, ‘We have to stop texting because I’m getting married.’”

But thankfully, Stamos and McHugh reconnected on the set of “Fuller House” when she was single.

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“She was just a nice, really beautiful, normal girl, and I had to tell myself that this is I think what I need and put everything into it,” Stamos said, noting his sobriety.

He added, “And if it doesn’t work then that’s okay.”

The couple wed in 2018. That same year, the pair welcomed a baby boy, Billy, now 3.