Ashley Graham is reflecting on the new sense of calmness that motherhood has brought into her life.

The 33-year-old model welcomed son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin back in January 2020.

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While featuring on the cover of NET-A-PORTER’s digital title, PORTER, Graham revealed how becoming a mom changed everything.

Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham — Photo: Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

“I’ve had a lot more calmness and peace in my life since he got here because it’s like, why sweat the small stuff?” she said.

Explaining how giving birth unlocked a new level of peace, Graham continued, “I’ve always kind of lived bravely and fearlessly, but through my homebirth and raising him in this pandemic, it’s like, oh yeah, I guess I am pretty fearless. It just feels good.”

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The body positivity advocate also opened up on how she uses social media as a platform for change.

“I don’t post myself half-naked to get the likes,” she said. “I post myself half-naked so that someone who’s ten years younger than me knows that that side butt, that hip dip – that’s not abnormal to have.”

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On Gen Z continuing to promote body positivity messaging, Graham added, “It’s so nice to know that the next generation is taking care of themselves and having these constant conversations. So, I get on as the granny, like, ‘Hey, everybody! We’ve been having these conversations for quite some tiiiiiime.’”