Jana Kramer is shutting down speculation that she’ll be starring in the “Real Housewives of Nashville” alongside husband Mike Caussin.

The singer instead revealed how she has in fact declined offers to be a part of the reality TV series “three times.”

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Kramer spoke out about the rumours in an excerpt from her upcoming “Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin” podcast, which was obtained by People.

“When they were trying to cast ‘The Real Housewives of Nashville’ and they were interested in me as one of the characters I was just like ‘No.’ I don’t like girl drama,” recalled the former “One Tree Hill” actress.”

“I don’t want to be a part of it, I don’t want to feed into it. It’s not me, I don’t like it.”

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The rumours began after Kramer revealed that her family were involved in some filming a week ago.

Explaining the Instagram post, the country music star said, “We did film something and, you know, it’s just a presentation I don’t know if it will ever get picked up, and again I don’t even know if it’s something that at the end of the day if we will really do, because I know we share so much on the podcast and so much here but sometimes it’s the kiss of death.”

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She added, “So that’s something that we have to also think about and be careful of because it’s scary.”

Meanwhile, speaking about her previous audition for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Kramer said, “The only reason I entertained the one with Teddi [Mellencamp Arroyave] was because it could be fun to be someone’s sidekick, fun buddy that just kind of comes in.”