Mickey Guyton is having her moment!

Not only is the country star making her debut as co-host of the 2021 ACM Awards on Sunday (alongside Keith Urban, no less), she also has a new album on the way.

The as-yet-untitled LP, she explained in a recent appearance on the “Spout Podcast”, has been in the works for awhile — 10 years, in fact.

“I’m finally putting out an album, like a full album after 10 years,” said Guyton, 37.

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“I’m finally putting out an album and I’m so excited,” she added.

“These are songs that I’ve been writing for 10 years. Like, these aren’t like brand new songs that you’ll be hearing. These are songs that I’ve had that have been in my email inbox when they were sent from the producer for years and I’m finally getting the chance to to put them out,” she explained.

“People are finally hearing me, they’re hearing like, oh, that makes sense. She’s like, this is her, she’s been here this whole time. Just people couldn’t see me,” said Guyton of her recent explosion in popularity. “Now, they can see me. And I’m so excited to be putting this music out.”

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Asked to share what fans can expect from the new album, she replied, “Very personal? You know, I love to write real time and write what’s going on. So there’s this one song that I love called, ‘Do You Really Want to Know?’ And it really seems like the intro to all of this, because it talks about what’s been going on with my life,” she revealed. “Like, I started going to therapy. I’ve tried to change from within in order to be able to put music out and be able to write music and that’s on there. I also have a country trap song, which I’m so excited. There’s even a song about me loving my hair and, and that was something that’s taken me a long time to accept.”

Fans can see Guyton and Urban co-hosting the 56th annual ACM Awards, broadcast live from Nashville on Sunday, April 18.