Jake Paul fought Ben Askren at the Triller Fight Club in Atlanta on Saturday night, with the YouTuber earning a decisive victory by knocking out the retired MMA fighter in the first round.

Ahead of Paul’s obliteration of Askren, Pete Davidson took a joking turn at being a ringside announcer.

“You can tell how professional this event is by them having me here. We are backstage at Jake Paul’s dressing room. Locker room, if you wanna call it that,” Davidson joked while roaming around backstage before the fight.

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“Today is a wild day for boxing because it shows how low it truly sunk,” Davidson continued. “I think today proves the fact that if you have enough followers, you can truly f**king do whatever you want. Maybe PewDiePie will cure cancer and Charli D’Amelio will become a surgeon. Who knows?”

Davidson also joked about the inherent absurdity of the match.

“Tonight we have a fight between Ben Askren, who I don’t even know who that is, still, and I’ve been reading up on him all week, and Jake Paul,” Davidson said. “And, you know, they both suck but, you know, at least somebody’s gonna get hurt.”

He concluded: “And now back to you guys in the booth, some real announcers over there.”

In another video, Davidson pays a visit to Askren in his dressing room prior to the fight, and offered his blunt assessment of Paul.

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“I mean, he’s not a good person. He’s clearly not a good influence on any of the youth culture… he kind of has this whole following, so he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Didn’t he get busted by the feds with like AKs and machine guns… why isn’t he in jail?” Davidson said of Paul.

“Nobody wants you to lose this,” he told Askren. “Nobody wants to see Jake Paul win… I would like to kick his a** on behalf of your kids.”


During their conversation, Askren told Davidson that “even if Jake Paul’s a decent fighter, he’s still a s**tbag as a human being.”

“Exactly. And that’s the message that we’re trying to get to the kids, that he is a piece of s**t,” Davidson agreed before collapsing into giggles.