Madonna is taking to social media to share her passionate plea for gun control in the U.S.

In a pair of videos she shared on Instagram on Saturday, the singer calls for Americans to “wake up” to the chronic gun violence that has plagued the nation for years.

“There’s a new vaccination!” Madonna wrote in the caption for first post. “It’s called GUN CONTROL! Should be mandatory. It will SAVE LIVES!”

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In the accompanying video, Madonna sports a blue balaclava as she plasters signs reading “#WAKEUPAMERICA” and “#GUNCONTROLNOW” on the sides of buildings in Los Angeles.

“Have you heard of this new vaccination for America? It’s going to keep us all alive. It’s going to keep us all safe. It’s called gun control,” Madonna says while holding a paint roller. “Okay? It’s called gun safety. A new vaccination. Should be mandatory. We’re all citizens.”

In a second post, she spoke of two recent incidents in which unarmed people of colour were shot and killed by police officers.

“Adam Toledo was 13 years old, Daunte Wright was 20! The officers who killed them are only being charged with manslaughter. This is insanity. Horrific. And yet it has become normalized in our society,” she wrote in the caption.

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“Yes – people kill people, not guns. But the vast majority of people are not enlightened and guns are too easy to own,” she continued.

“If they were outlawed then no one would feel the need to own a gun to protect themselves from those who have guns. As for police killing innocent children, shooting and suffocating and brutalizing innocent people, they should go immediately to jail for the rest of their lives. No trial, no corrupt justice system,” she added.

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