Jennifer Connelly is opening up on how she conquered her “crippling” fear of flying through working on “Top Gun: Maverick“.

While joining in on the latest episode of “The Graham Norton” through video, the Oscar winner praised co-star Tom Cruise for helping her to deal with her flying anxiety.

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Connelly originally signed on to be a part of the action movie believing that she wouldn’t ever be in a plane. 

“What I was afraid to tell Tom at the time was that I had just recently decided to think myself out of a really crippling fear of flying that I had suffered from for years,” she recalled.

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“And so originally when I signed on to do the movie there was no flying for my character. My character was on land, she was on the water, she was never in the air.”

However, the actress got more than she bargained for after Cruise hatched a plan to get her up in the air.

She continued, “He’s [Cruise] like, ‘Jen have you ever been in a plane like this before?’ I was like, ‘No I haven’t, Tom. It’s amazing.’ He’s like, ‘Ever done any aerobatic flying before?’ I started to get nervous. ‘No, why? Will I be doing some?’ He’s like, ‘It’s gonna be very graceful. Very elegant. Very elegant rolls. It’s going to be nice and easy.'”

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Connelly concluded, “So that’s how I found out I was going to be up in the P-51 with Tom flying it.”

“Top Gun: Maverick” is set to hit theatres on Nov. 19.