Makayla Phillips gave it her all as she made an emotional return to “American Idol” on Monday night.

The 18-year-old joined fan-favourites from season 18 of the hit show to battle it out for a spot in this season’s Top 10, as they didn’t get to take the stage last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Phillips delivered a powerful performance of Demi Lovato’s “Anyone”, which she dedicated to her sister.

She became visibly emotional towards the end of the track, holding back tears.

Luke Bryan told the singer she was one of his favourite voices last season.

“Way to come back and really show up,” he gushed.

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Lionel Richie added, “A lot of [the] time singers, they can’t translate the story and the feeling over to the audience. We felt every bit of that performance. Congratulations.”

Katy Perry agreed, telling Phillips: “At the end, when your voice was cracking and you were about to cry and it was a little off key, it was everything.

“It told the story and best storyteller wins.”

Viewers will have the final say on which of the returning 10 season 18 contestants makes it into this season’s Top 10, with the results of the public vote set to be revealed on May 2.