Louis Knight made quite the impression on the judges as he made his “American Idol” comeback on Monday night.

The 20-year-old joined fan-favourites from season 18 of the hit show to battle it out for a spot in this season’s Top 10, as they didn’t get to take the stage last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Knight got cut after the Top 7 round last year but was ready to show the judges just how hard he’s since been working.

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The singer closed out the Comeback Round with a stunning performance of his original song “Maybe That”, which he partly wrote while waiting to audition for “Idol” in Washington, D.C.

Katy Perry gushed, “I’ve always thought you were super authentic and I think you really came out here and bared your soul.

“You wrote this song, it’s your song, of course, you’d like to be in the Top 10 but I think mostly what matters is that whoever you wrote this song for… they hear this and they call you back. I really felt that for you and that means I was connected.”

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Luke Bryan added, “The whole time I thought, Tremendous growth. I was totally caught up in your moment, totally focused. It felt like a legitimate artist, a real show, it pulled me in. I felt your pain.”

Lionel Richie shared, “I’m just going to commend you on the fact you actually turned into a great songwriter. Not just from where you are but how far you’ve come. You did a fabulous job.”

Viewers will have the final say on which of the returning 10 season-18 contestants qualify for this season’s Top 10, with the results of the public vote set to be revealed on May 2.