James Blunt isn’t letting anyone spread false information about his own music.

On Monday night, the singer-songwriter responded to a tweet criticizing his 2005 hit “You’re Beautiful”.

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The original tweet called the song “f**ked up,” claiming that it was about a man falling in love with a woman based only on her appearance and knowing nothing else about her.

“It’s shallow as f**k and kind of s**ty,” the user wrote.

Blunt wasn’t about to let that tweet slide, though, retweeting it with the explanation that the woman in the song was actually his ex-girlfriend.

Back in January 2020, Blunt spoke about the song with the Guardian, sharing the song’s origin.

“One day I was on the underground in London and saw an ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend. Our eyes met, but we just walked past each other, and I went home and wrote the words to ‘You’re Beautiful’ in two minutes,” he recalled. “It’s always been portrayed as romantic, but it’s actually a bit creepy. It’s about a guy (me) who’s high and stalking someone else’s girlfriend on the subway. But everyone has those moments where you wonder: What if I’d said something?

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Meanwhile, the user who wrote the original tweet responded to the attention, explaining they never expected Blunt to see or comment on it at all.

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