Sunny Hostin couldn’t hold back her emotions while reporting on the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

On Tuesday, the jury found the former Minneapolis police officer guilty of second-degree murder, agreeing with the prosecution case that George Floyd’s death was caused by Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes.

“I’ve been a lawyer for 27 years and I remember when I was in law school during my first year, the Rodney King verdict came out and it was an acquittal for four officers who, on video, beat and stomped and tased a man, beat a man 56 times with a baton and I believed my eyes then,” said Hostin of the controversial verdict in the Rodney King trial.

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“So I believed my eyes this time with George Floyd,” she continued, “and even though I knew that fast verdicts always hint at an agreement, even though all of my training told me they likely convicted on at least the highest count or at least the lowest count.”

As Hostin explained, as a person of colour, this case was highly personal.

“Because of the history in this country, because it is so rare that police officers are convicted, because Black men and Black boys are killed by police with impunity in this country — and that is just the truth — at a rate five times more than their white counterparts, because I am the mother of an 18-year-old boy who is now in South Africa and I feel that he is safer in South Africa than he is in his own country,” she added, dabbing at her eyes as they teared up.

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“I am so relieved that this is what justice finally looks like for my community,” she declared.

“And while I know that this does not bring George Floyd back to his family, to his loved ones, to his brother who we heard from so eloquently, at least I believe now that the movement that we’ve seen since his murder on video for the world to see, is not just a moment,” she concluded. “I really believe that this is a movement that we’ve seen and for that I am so so very thankful, that perhaps we will see real change, much-needed change in this country.”