Jenny McCarthy got candid about the best thing she ever did in her relationship with Donnie Wahlberg during an interview with Drew Barrymore.

McCarthy appeared on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, and told the host how she asked Wahlberg — her husband of seven years — to go to therapy before they’d even had their first fight.

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She explained, “Even Prince Charming and the fairy tale doesn’t come without work.

“I loved him so much as soon as I met him, I was like, ‘How do I not mess this up? I’m going to ask him, before we even have our first fight, if we can go to therapy together. He might think I’m crazy, but I want to be able to figure out some tools and discover how we both fight. Do both of us shut down if we’re mad at each other, or does one need to communicate?'”

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The “Masked Singer” star went on, “It was one of the greatest ideas ever, to go to therapy before there’s a problem to figure out how to have those conversations with each other. It was priceless.”

McCarthy also spoke about how her therapist once pointed out how she would ignore red flags while dating, and dished out some tips on being a “Masked Singer” panelist.

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