Scott Foley had to really lean on his wife while in Prague.

Ellen DeGeneres’s co-host on HBO Max’s “Ellen’s Next Great Designer” talked about his family’s temporary move to Prague on Wednesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Foley was filming a short-lived series called “Whiskey Cavalier” and subsequently uprooted his family to the Czech Republic.

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“We decided to shoot the whole show in Prague so I moved my family there. My kids were going to school over there,” Foley explained. “It was a great experience. I was literally illiterate over there. You can’t read the words, you can’t speak the language.”

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Foley had his wife Marika Domińczyk (“Grey’s Anatomy”) to lean on.

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“She was born in Poland so she speaks fluent Polish. She can understand about 60 per cent of what they were saying and they could understand about 80 per cent of what she was saying. It really shifted the power dynamic in our family,” he shared. “I like to think it was about 50-50 before we moved there. It was about 99-to-1 once we moved.”

Foley and Domińczyk have been married since 2007. The acting couple recently moved to Connecticut with their children.