The Queen has helped build one of the world’s most successful and biggest brands over the years.

A new documentary titled “Elizabeth at 95: The Invincible Queen”, which premiered on True Royalty TV on April 21 to mark the Queen’s birthday, took a look inside “The Firm”.

New research commissioned for the program revealed that Her Majesty was “a bigger global brand than icons from the worlds of politics, business, media, and entertainment, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, the Obamas, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé,” Vanity Fair reported.

The research also stated the Queen helped the Royal Family become the world’s fifth biggest “corporate brand,” ahead of brands including Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft.

The documentary took a look at how the Queen and Prince Philip, who passed away at age 99 on April 9, protected the Windsor brand at all costs, as well as analyzing “how the Palace uses its powerful influence behind the scenes to protect its revenues and avoid scrutiny.”

Brand and business experts interviewed in the doc estimated the Royal Family’s brand value to be worth around CAD$125 billion, with the Queen’s personal brand worth around $62 billion, similar to brands such as Coca-Cola.

International brand consultant Kubi Springer, who has worked with the likes of Nike, L’Oreal, Justin Timberlake, and Rolls Royce, said in the program, “Nike, Ferrari and Coke, when you combined those brands together, the Queen’s brand has more articles than those three combined, which is really powerful.”

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David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, shared, “The Royal Family refers to itself as ‘The Firm’. So, when we began analyzing the financial performance of the monarchy, we took that same phrase and tried to value it as a firm. And we estimate the value of the business at about £70 billion, which is about USD$100 billion. That puts it as the most valuable U.K. brand. It’s a more valuable brand than Shell, for example, or Marks & Spencer and many other U.K. brands.”

The monarchy’s brand is thought to bring in around £1.7 billion annually for the U.K. economy.

Haigh estimated the Queen’s personal wealth to be around £400 million (CAD$695 million), due to her having private estates including Balmoral and Sandringham worth an estimated £100m, a collection of jewels and paintings worth £50-£100m, a stamp collection valued at £100m and £100m in cash or investments.

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Nick Bullen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, shared, “With this documentary we want to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday and mark Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s roles as the world’s longest-standing and most successful CEO and COO partnership, who have together built the British monarchy into one of the world’s biggest brands and its most famous ‘family firm,’ during nearly 70 years on the throne.”

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