Nothing quite satisfies the summer sweet tooth like ice cream, and these 11 songs are the cherry on top.

In celebration of the summer weather, grab yourself a DQ Blizzard and jam out to some sugar-sweet tunes that will have you in the summer spirit. Ice cream crosses generations as evident by songs from BLACKPINK, Beyoncé, Elvis Presley, Sarah McLachlan and many more.

BLACKPINK ft. Selena Gomez – “Ice Cream”

South Korean girl group and Selena Gomez teamed up for this 2020 track chock-full of double entendres. The “Ice Cream” music video was an enormous success, generating nearly 550 million views less than eight months following its premiere.

Beyoncé – “Ice Cream Truck”

“Ice Cream Truck” was a leaked song from Beyoncé’s debut studio album, Dangeroulsy in Love. It never made the official tracklist; however, the familiar tune quickly became a cult favourite among the Beyhive.


Sarah McLachlan – “Ice Cream”

Canada’s first entry on the list, Sarah McLachlan’s “Ice Cream” is just too sweet. “Your love is better than ice cream/Better than anything else that I’ve tried,” McLachlan sings. “And your love is better than ice cream/But everyone here knows how to fight.”


Van Halen – “Ice Cream Man”

David Lee Roth was a huge fan of Chicago blues musician John Brim’s “Ice Cream Man”. The original version was recorded in 1953. Roth pushed hard to have Van Halen’s cover of “Ice Cream Man” featured on the band’s eponymous first album.

Jeff Beck Group – “Ice Cream Cakes”

“Ice Cream Cakes” might hold a special place in the hearts of Jeff Beck Group fans. The song served as the lead track on the group’s fourth and final studio album released in 1972.

Doris Day – “A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night”

Most songs on the list get you thinking about ice cream, but only one drizzles the chocolate syrup on top. Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Doris Day had ears and mouths salivating with a song called, “A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night”.

Destiny’s Child – “Apple Pie A La Mode”

Two combinations in life will always produce pleasant results: apple pie and ice cream, and Destiny’s child Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle released “Apple Pie A La Mode” in 2001.

Elvis Presley – “Cotton Candy Land”

Alright, it’s not quite ice cream but let’s not discredit the deliciousness of cotton candy. Presley released “Cotton Candy Land” as track number two on side two of his 1963 sixth studio album, It Happened at the World’s Fair.

Louis Prima – “Banana Split for My Baby”

Louis Prima’s 2002 banger “Banana Split for My Baby” is chock-full of energy. Prima died in 1978; however, “Banana Split for My Baby” was released as one of four bonus tracks on the 2002 reissue of his first album, The Wildest! (1956).

Baby Goth ft. Wiz Khalifa – “Sugar”

Adventurous eaters should dig into this ambitious crossover between Baby Goth and Wiz Khalifa: “Sugar”.

Smashing Pumpkins – “La Dolly Vita”

“La Dolly Vita” is a spin on the Italian phrase “La Dolce Vita,” meaning “the sweet life.” The 1990 song was written as a tribute to frontman Billy Corgan’s mom.