Chevy Chase has made a lot of famous friends throughout his career.

The actor/comedian, 77, joined Rob Lowe on his “Literally!” podcast and spoke to his lasting friendships with Bill Murray and Steve Martin. Chase also detailed his relationship with the late John Lennon.

While there have been ongoing rumours of beef between Chase and Murray, both say they’re pals. In a 2012 interview with Empire Magazine, Murray said, “But Chevy and I are friends now. It’s all fine.”

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The “Vacation” actor confirmed that statement, revealing he and Murray occasionally golf together, though Murray is better than he is at the sport, “Pretty much every time we play, as I’m approaching the second hole, he’d be sitting all the way up at the ninth hole waiting for me. That’s how good he was. But I wanted to play. I think I’d shoot about 180.”

Chase also claimed he and Murray were supposed to co-star in “Ghostbusters” together: “They got another guy because I was busy. I couldn’t f**king believe it.”

Of his “SNL” co-star Martin, Chase said, “Steven Martin is one of the funniest guys conceptually in the world. He’s not out there as much as I project, so he’s not that good. But he’s a great friend.”

Later, Chase recalled his friendship with the late Beatles icon, Lennon.

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“I knew John [Lennon], too,” he said before adding, “but somebody shot him.”

Lennon was “cheeky, but not snarky,” he continued. “People were very frightened of him. No one would ask him for his autograph, because he was John Lennon. If you smelled him, that was good enough. I was famous in this country already, so he knew who I was.”

Chase also discussed Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and Lorne Micheals.