Joaquin Phoenix is marking Earth Day 2021 with a very special reunion.

In a video supplied by Farm Sanctuary, the Oscar-winning actor reunited with a calf and her mother after liberating the animals from a Los Angeles slaughterhouse nearly a year earlier.

In the video, directed by “Earthlings” director Shaun Monson, Phoenix visits with the animals at their new home in Farm Sanctuary, described as America’s “first farm animal sanctuary and advocacy organization.”

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Phoenix has is also starring in a new Earth Day-themed short documentary called “Indigo”.

“We spend one day each year paying homage to our planet, Earth Day, but the other 364 days, we consume with impunity,” said Phoenix.

“It’s undeniable the detrimental impact that animal agriculture has on the environment. This simple act of rescuing Liberty and Indigo… in some ways, it’s just as simple as sparing the lives of these creatures. But it’s also an acknowledgment of not only the destruction they feel at our hands but the environment as a whole,” he added.

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“By our actions, we either have the choice to continue to destroy other beings and the environment, or we begin the process of reversing the damage that we’ve done,” Phoenix declared.

“Indigo” director Shaun Monson and LA Animal Save founder Amy Jean Davis discussed the new film in a Q&A.