Boy George is looking back on his 1980s heyday with a tinge of regret over his feud with Madonna.

According to the Daily Mail, the Culture Club singer made the admission during an appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show” when he was reminded he once described the “Holiday” singer as “vile.”

“I’m actually a bit embarrassed I said that,” Boy George said of his remarks, having described Madonna as a “vile, hideous human being with no redeeming qualities.”

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He no longer feels that way. “It’s not something I would say now,” he added, admitting he’s a huge fan.

“Madonna… she fascinates me. I love Madonna. Come on, how can you not? Of course I do. She’s my contemporary. I’ve actually just sold some paintings of Madonna that I did,” she added.

He also declared his desire for a musical collaboration with her. “I’ve not had the good sense to do that,” he said. “Could happen though. I wasn’t joking. Imagine me and Madonna on a record, it would be amazing, come on.”

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Looking back on the decade in which he became a star, Boy George looks back at himself in that era as “someone I created. I treat Boy George from the ’80s as a sort of cartoon character. I’m not that person. I do a lot of paintings of Boy George as I think of him as an invention… He’s a different person.”