“Ramblin’ Man” sounded pretty different in its early draft.

On Thursday night, Kevin Bacon appeared on “The Tonight Show”, and he joined Jimmy Fallon for another of his hilarious “First Drafts of Rock” sketches, this time taking on the Allman Brothers Band.

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In the sketch, Bacon plays Dickey Betts and Fallon, his brother Gregg, decked out in full 1970s dress and singing a version of the song very different from what fans might remember.

“Like I said, I was born in a Greyhound/The people on the bus were like, ‘Hey, what’s that noise?'” Bacon sings. “And some guy yelled, ‘I think that a lady’s giving birth/In the back seat of this Greyhound bus.’

Later, Fallon asks in the lyrics, “Did your mother name you on that Greyhound?”

“She named me after the driver of that bus/His name was Nicky Bus,” Bacon sings back, to which Fallon responds, “But your name is Dickey Betts,” and Bacon answers, “Cuz she wrote his name down wrong.”

Also on the show, Bacon talked about what life and his marriage to Kyra Sedgwick were like under quarantine.

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“I was grateful every day to be well and have my health and the health of my family,” he told Fallon. “I realized we’ve been married for a long time, and quarantine really was an amazing kind of test for our marriage, because we were really isolated.”

He explained that, even together in their house, they would have to find times to be apart from each other and do their own thing, with Sedgwick off in her “lair.”

“And she’d text me and say, ‘Do you want to do lunch later?’ and we’d meet in the kitchen, and then she’d go back to the lair,” the actor laughed.