With Ellen DeGeneres having taken a break, Ashley Graham happily takes over hosting duties.

On Friday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the model opens by discussing becoming a first-time mom during the pandemic.

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“Recently I started a new job, and that’s probably one of my favourite jobs ever,” she says. “I became a mom!

“Being a new mom during a pandemic is a whole other level. And one good thing is that it gave me the maternity leave my body could have never asked for.”

Also on the show, Graham welcomes Amy Schumer, who talks about how her two-year-old son Gene is following in her footsteps.

“He has comedian confidence,” she jokes. “He talks in full sentence. He doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t say a word, but he talks like, ‘Buh buh buh.'”

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Graham also goes to visit Demi Lovato for a conversation about her docuseries “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil” and how she sets boundaries with the public.

“It’s been very empowering and liberating to just fully own my truth,” Lovato says.