P.K. Subban is recovering following a “hard” battle with COVID-19.

The New Jersey Devils player, 31, announced on social media Friday that he tested positive.

Sharing a video of himself in the bath, the Canadian hockey pro said, “Alright Subbanator here, in one for a couple days. This COVID raked my kitchen. Just wanted to say thank you to everybody for the gifts, well wishes, get well soon [messages]. I appreciate it. Love you guys so much.”

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He continued, “This COVID thing hit me pretty hard but just battling through it, working through it. Just remember to take care of yourselves, stay healthy, I love you guys.”

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Subban later promised, “I definitely will be back in the mix soon.”

Earlier this week, Subban, the Devil’s defenseman, was placed on the NJ Devils team’s COVID list, meaning he won’t be playing this week’s games against the Pittsburgh Penguins.