“Schitt’s Creek” star Dustin Milligan is getting ready to star in “Rutherford Falls”, but first he took a moment to look back at his time at the Rosebud Motel.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Milligan shared the length he had to go to in order to stop sweating on set.

“Here’s something fun and completely embarrassing that happened in the first seasons, then, for some reason, it went away,” Milligan joked. “I’m a human being and that means that I sweat sometimes. There’s a lot of scenes in ‘Schitt’s Creek’ where you may not notice this, but I’ve got paper towels crammed into my armpits.”

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Thanks to the “lovely costumer”, Milligan would have his “armpits blown” with a hairdryer between takes.

“I think a lot of people wouldn’t have been able to spot any sort of TV movie magic going on there. Definitely desperately avoiding any indication that I’m human and that I perspire,” he added.

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“There was actually a moment on a very hot day outside the motel, Annie [Murphy] turned around and was like, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ And I was just like, ‘What?’ Then she pointed to my armpits and said, ‘Look at that, they’re dry!’ She was very supportive,” he said.

Milligan also recently spoke with ET Canada’s Roz Weston about appearing on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Celebrity Edition” saying it was one of the “most important experiences” of his life. Adding that he was freed from “masculine and gender hindrances.”

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