Spencer Pratt is defending Heidi Montag after younger sister Stephanie Pratt appeared to body shame his wife on Instagram.

On Friday, April 23, Stephanie took to her Instagram Story to share a photograph of Heidi on the beach wearing a bikini.

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“Yay Heidi’s pregnant! I hope she has a little girl this time. Cute bump,” wrote the former “Made in Chelsea” star in the caption. 

Heidi, who isn’t pregnant, was made aware of the photograph after fans alerted her in comments left beneath her latest Instagram post.

“Stephanie just posted ur pregnant but I don’t see that u posted it,” wrote one follower. “Wtf I hope she’s not revealing it for u.”

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Spencer replied, “Heidi is not pregnant. Just being body shamed.”

Stephanie also took aim at Spencer in a separate Instagram Story.

Many fans have blasted Stephanie for the posts in comments left on her Instagram page.

“Not only is it unkind, but absolutely devastating to people who suffer from eating disorders or have difficulty with their body image. Stop. Do better,” wrote one fan.

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“Kind of showing the type of person you are with your body shaming story,” another said. “Not cool,” added another.