Cardi + Justin X 2!

DJ Khaled just added Cari B to his next album Khaled Khaled, out at midnight, after previously announcing collaborations with both Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake.

In a post Thursday on Twitter, Khaled revealed the album would be dropping at midnight, and he updated the track list of the album to reveal the collab with Cardi.

Last week, teasing the album on Instagram, the musician said he was “unavailable” due to being in “album mode.”

“I’m so stressed out in a good way mixing and mastering this album I missed the legendary FaceTime of the ICONS @justinbieber and @justintimberlake,” he wrote.

“I just got done with the mix a few days ago get ready for mastering,” he told Bieber, before adding to Timberlake, “I just sent the record we did together off to mix. My brothers I will call you RIGHT BACK!”

Bieber previously starred in DJ Khaled and Drake’s “Popstar” music video. Both “Popstar” and “Greece” are the lead singles on Khaled Khaled.

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On Friday, DJ Khaled shared another Facetime chat with Timberlake.

“This record touched me, man,” Timberlake said. “This is an important song. This is like if ‘Song Cry’ would have never existed, but then ‘Holy Grail’ was ‘Song Cry.'”

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DJ Khaled’s 12th studio album will also reportedly feature Migos, Post Malone and H.E.R.