James Corden is recalling a hilarious encounter with the paparazzi.

Corden spoke of his move from the United Kingdom to the United States and how he mistakenly told the photographers off for taking pictures of him and his wife, when really it was Leonadro DiCaprio they were there for.

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“We went down and found this spot on the sand,” Corden said of their beach trip. “As we were lying there we noticed this paparazzi photographer by some rocks. And me in swimming trunks. I don’t want to see myself in a mirror, let alone in photos like that.”

“So I put my T-shirt on. He was still taking photos, and I thought, ‘Do you know what? This is my only time with my wife. I’m just going to go and speak to him’. I walked over and said, ‘Look, buddy, I think you’ve got your photo now.’ And he just went, ‘What?’. And I went, ‘Come on’. And he went, ‘No, DiCaprio!’ And sat behind me in a restaurant was Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Corden went back to his wife and told her they didn’t have to “worry about” the paparazzi anymore.

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In the interview with The Sun, Corden said his favourite “Late, Late Show” guest was Paul McCartney. The Beatles alum had originally cancelled because he didn’t want to return to film at his childhood home in Liverpool, but after a back and forth he agreed and “had a blast.”