Jon Voight is holding out for a role in one of his daughter Angelina Jolie’s films.

The actor spoke to Ben Mankiewicz on “CBS Sunday Morning” about his iconic career.

“You have to be proud that your daughter followed in your footsteps and is so good at this, not just as an actor but as a writer, director, too,” Mankiewicz said of Jolie’s film history. Voight and Jolie did previously appear on screen together for 2001’s “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”.

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“Yeah, she’s really remarkable,” Voight said. “She’s got her own thing, man. She’s got her own way of dealing with things, you know? She’s very clear.” When asked if he would appear in one of her films, Voight laughed, “She would be tough! But yes, of course, I would love to work with her.”

Voight and Jolie were once estranged when her parents split as a toddler. They continued to have a rocky relationship throughout her life with Jolie legally changing her name in 2002 to omit “Voight”.

In 2010, Jolie’s then husband Brad Pitt suggested they reconcile. Voight has since stepped up as a grandfather.

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Elsewhere in Voight’s CBS interview, he spoke about his political views and being a staunch Donald Trump supporter.

“I’m a conservative, as you know, and I’m not so happy with government involvement in anything,” said Voight. “I’m very concerned about our country. I’m very concerned about this attack on free speech. I don’t like it that we can’t sit down and talk about everything. We’re all unique. There’s no one that’s different or better or whatever it is. We all are unique.”