Michael Strahan talks to Ellen DeGeneres about that April Fool’s prank on her show Monday.

The “Good Morning America” co-host recently shocked fans as he showed off his new smile sans the famous gap in his front teeth.

However, it wasn’t true, and Strahan says he didn’t expect it to spark such an online frenzy.

Strahan tells DeGeneres, “I truly did not think people cared that much about my teeth, and did it as a little prank thinking a few of my Instagram followers are going to go, ‘Oh, he’s crazy!’ They would know it was fake.

“I ruined part of my vacation, I’m on spring break with the kids, my phone blows up,” admitting he was bombarded with messages and people wanting to FaceTime him to see his new look.

He insists, “Gap Nation, I’m here to stay!”

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The father of four also talks about teaching his 16-year-old twin daughters how to drive, admitting he’s a “horrible passenger,” and reveals the impressive number of pushups he does every day.

Plus, since Strahan is constantly juggling multiple jobs, including the launch of his new athleisure line, MSX by Michael Strahan, DeGeneres challenges him to a fast-paced game where he has to do numerous tasks at the same time.