Arnold Schwarzenegger reacted to the news that Caitlyn Jenner would be running for governor of California during an appearance on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Schwarzenegger, who replaced Gray Davis as the governor of California during a recall election in 2003, told Kimmel “anyone has a chance because I think the people are dissatisfied with what’s going on here in California.”

He added: “The key thing about all of this is it doesn’t matter if it’s Caitlyn or anyone else – to have a clear vision of where you want to go, what are the kind of changes you want to make and why are you qualified to become governor.

“That’s what you have to convince the people, all the other stuff is all nonsense because the press will attack you no matter who you are. They attacked me, but then in the end, I won so that was the main thing.”

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, insisted the new governor would have to make changes to “straighten out all the mess we’re in right now.”

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The current governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is facing a recall election. Even if Newsom is recalled though, Jenner, a Republican, would still have a number of hurdles to overcome, as a large field of candidates are expected to declare their own candidacies.

Schwarzenegger also spoke about the 2021 Oscars during his appearance on Kimmel’s show after it was revealed that the ceremony was watched by the lowest-ever Oscars audience on Sunday.

He shared, “I basically just turned it off, I just couldn’t watch it anymore because there was so much talent on the stage but it was so boring. How can they make all this talent so boring?”

Schwarzenegger also suggested they should have the ceremony at Muscle Beach next time.