Marvel has officially made Anthony Mackie the new Captain America but it looks like the action figures didn’t quite get the memo.

On Monday night, the “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” star appeared on Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, and the host showed off one of the new Captain America action figures.

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Stephen Colbert and Anthony Mackie
Stephen Colbert and Anthony Mackie – Photo: CBS — Photo: CBS

“From this distance, it looks more like Jamie Foxx than me,” Mackie joked.

“That’s dope,” he added. “That’s dope.”

Asked if it felt good to have an action figure so iconic, Mackie responded, “Yeah, that’s amazing. I hadn’t seen it yet.”

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Talking about the Disney+ show, Mackie also revealed that he works hard to keep his physique up to snuff for a superhero.

“I will say, there’s no muscle suit under my suit,” he said. “That’s my pride. Seven movies in, I’m like, I don’t want a muscle suit under my suit. So I had to work out every day, all day.”

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