After Willow Smith debuted a new single earlier this month with Travis Barker, titled “Transparent Soul”, the young singer promises a new collab with Avril Lavigne is coming.

The pop-punk track, which draws inspiration from Paramore and Fall Out Boy, features the Blink182 drummer. Smith also dropped an accompanying music video.

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“I knew a boy just like you/He’s a snake just like you/Such a fake just like you/But I can see the truth,” she sings in “Transparent Soul”.

According to Smith, the song was inspired by a quote she read from Hindu guru Radhanath Swami, telling Rolling Stone, “It really spoke to me… and that’s kind of how the idea of this song came to be.”

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“It is said that a saintly person is so pure that he or she acts like a spotless mirror,” the famous quote goes. “When we come in the presence of such a mirror-like soul, we can see both the beauty and ugliness of our inner life.”

In a new interview with W magazine, which was published on Monday, Smith explained, “I needed to get that pop-punk cosign. I wanted that 2007 Avril angst. When I heard what she did with what I sent her, I felt like I was transported back to my tween days, in the car, just screaming, ‘I don’t have to try to make you realize!’ It was beyond any joy that I could have imagined.”

“Transparent Soul” is Smith’s first release since her 2020 album release R I S E.

There’s no word yet on when the new album drops.