Naya Rivera was notably missing from the 93rd Academy Awards in memoriam video, a snub that had “Glee” co-star Dot-Marie Jones confused and upset.

“I didn’t actually get to watch it because we have family in town, but it’s like how do you miss somebody,” Jones exclusively told ET Canada. “I love that girl forever. Rivera was awesome. That’s what I’ve always called her.”

“I heard there was a lot of stuff on that show that people weren’t happy with, but to leave someone out, it’s just like, how do you do that? Especially when it’s really not that long ago, and it’s so present and in the forefront, and the recent awards included her, and you just don’t do that,” Jones continued.

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Angela Bassett introduced the heartbreaking moment on the Oscars stage last Sunday, which quickly became under scrutiny for its hurried pace and upbeat musical tone. Bassett mentioned this portion was made to celebrate “the artists who gave us permission to dream, the technical pioneers and innovators who expanded our experience of movie love.”

While the Academy Awards celebrates film and Rivera was best known for her work on “Glee”, the actress also had several movie credits for her roles in “Mad Families” and “At the Devil’s Door”.

The late actress went missing on July 8 after going on a boating trip with her 4-year-old son, Josey. While he was found safe on the boat, Rivera was found dead on July 13.

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As for Jones, she isn’t sure if a late moment of recognition from the Academy will be enough to make amends, but hopes that their mistake made Rivera’s fans remember her fondly again.

“My thing is, and I don’t want it to come off harsh, but you can make amends if it comes from your heart, but you can’t just do something because you got called out on something, because then it’s not real,” Jones said.

“For me, the hardest part of watching any awards is the in memoriam and we’ve lost a lot of friends last year and my god, it probably ran for a long time, and it’s just, if anything it brought her back up in people’s hearts and minds because we missed her,” Jones added. “We miss her now, and we miss her everyday. She was a good kid.”