Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun are heating things up with their new duet, aptly titled “Flames”.

On Friday, the couple unveiled a new video, featuring an in-studio acoustic version of their duet “Flames”, which came out in January and will be included on Mod Sun’s upcoming album Internet Killed the Rockstar Deluxe.

“I still burn for you,” Lavigne sings, while strumming an acoustic guitar and looking lovingly at Mod Sun, with accompaniment from a glockenspiel player, in addition to violin and cello.

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“‘Flames’ is a very special song,” Lavigne said in a statement. “I love how the acoustic version turned out. It really brings another layer of emotion to the song.”

Mod Sun added that he wanted this new, acoustic version of their duet “to offer a bright side to the story…  I felt like sonically I could paint that landscape through acoustic guitar and a string section. I wanted to make something that felt like we were performing in your living room.”

Back in January when the studio version of the song was released, Lavigne said that she and Mod Sun “had an immediate connection from the first day in the studio.”

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She added: “He’s an incredible artist and producer,” she says. “This is the first of many. Proud of what we made with ‘Flames’.”

Internet Killed the Rockstar Deluxe drops Friday, May 7.