Garth Brooks took good care of his wife Trisha Yearwood when she contracted COVID-19 earlier this year.

Yearwood appeared on Tuesday’s “Kelly Clarkson Show”, with Clarkson saying how great she was looking.

The country crooner thanked Spanx, as well as losing her taste and smell due to coronavirus.

As Clarkson questioned how she’d still not got her taste and smell back, Yearwood shared: “It’s been about eight weeks… it’s really weird, I think this is how normal people eat.

“They eat when they’re hungry, this is my theory, and then they stop when they’re full it’s weird.

“It’s so much about taste and smell and if you can’t smell you don’t really [crave].

“So now it’s all about texture, I can tell if something’s spicy… that’s about it. Lots of hot sauce.”

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Yearwood went on, “I love to cook, so now when I cook I just ask Garth ‘tell me if it needs more salt and pepper.’ It’s the weirdest thing.”

Clarkson mentioned how Brooks tested negative for COVID-19 despite insisting he wanted to be by his wife’s side through the whole thing.

Yearwood joked, “He’s an alien and I think we’ve proved this.

“He had the vaccine… not even a sore arm. I knew he wasn’t normal, he’s just an alien.”

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She added of whether Brooks took care of her, “He was really wonderful, he was really great.

“I was like ‘if you get it, I’m not going to sleep in the bed with you.’ I love you, but no.”

A few days later, Yearwood shared a photo on Instagram, of herself receiving her COVID-19 vaccination.

“This #EveryGirl finally got her first dose of the vaccine! To all who made this day possible, thank you. xo #grateful,” she wrote in the caption.