Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are trying to be model parents.

The couple are on the new cover of People magazine, and in the issue they open up about their journey with having a trans daughter.

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“When Zaya was three years old, Gabrielle and I had that conversation about the possibilities. I come from a macho, male-dominated sport, but I started learning,” Wade say, to which Union adds, “Once she identified as trans I reached out to everyone from Instagram and social media.”

Union addresses the suicidal thoughts she experienced while going through perimenopause.

“It felt like overnight I gained 20 pounds, started losing hair, my skin changed. And on top of that, I was dealing with the PTSD I’ve had since I was raped at 19,” she says. “Combine that with COVID and everything that was happening, and it just felt overwhelming. For two weeks I had ‘You should die’ on a loop [in my head].”

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The couple also talk about how they’ve managed to make their relationship work.

“This is both of our second marriages,” Union says. “We didn’t do it right the first time, and we’re transparent about that […] A lot of times I could lose everything by standing up for the right thing, and he’s like, ‘No, you won’t. I’ve got you.'”

Wade adds, “She had a career and a life before we met. It’s not my job to change who she is; it’s my job to be there and be part of the evolution.”