Yuh-Jung Youn can see through Brad Pitt’s tricks.

The Oscar-winning “Minari” actress dished on her viral interaction with Pitt at the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday. Pitt, whose Plan B production served as one of the film’s producers, presented the actress with her Best Supporting Actress award.

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“I told him to provide more money to the movie,” she told NBC News on Wednesday. “I also told him to come to Korea… He promised that he will. But I don’t really believe the words of Americans. Their vocabulary is so fancy. He said my performance was very respectable and whatnot, but I’m old. I don’t fall for those words.”

Youn, 73, has been a mainstay in Korea for decades. Her Oscar success has people predicting new opportunities in Hollywood for the actress; however, it is not her priority.

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“When some project comes from America, people in Korea think I admire Hollywood,” Youn said. “No, I don’t admire Hollywood. The reason I keep coming is because if I come to the States and work, maybe I’m able to see my son one more time. That’s from the bottom of my heart.”

In “Minari”, Youn portrays a Korean grandmother showing signs of dementia after a stroke.