Gwyneth Paltrow is taking a walk down memory lane.

The Oscar-winning actress joined Vogue for their “Life In Looks” segment and reminisced about some of her most iconic red carpet moments – even sharing some advice she’s learned along the way.

While referring to her 2012 Met gala look, the Prada dress, which was was originally supposed to be a top and a skirt, Paltrow said, “If I’ve learned one thing, it’s how to not show your vagina on the red carpet.”

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Adding, “You got to get the weapons out.”

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When Vogue shared a photo of Paltrow and her ’90s boyfriend (and brief fiancé) Brad Pitt, she laughed, “He was so nice and we were a very ’90s couple. I know that the Calvin Klein leather jacket is one of my favourite pieces. I’ve always dressed with jeans and a white T-shirt.”

She also talked about her Tom Ford–era Gucci red velvet suit, a Donna Karan two-piece, the G. Label look at the Goop Lab premiere and more.