Kelly Osbourne is opening up about her sobriety journey and her recent relapse.

The former “Fashion Police” host, 36, and her best friend Jeff Beacher sat down with Nick Viall on his podcast, “The Viall Files”. They discussed why she decided to go public about her relapse after four years of sobriety.

Speaking to that, Osbourne explained, “It’s all part of addiction… oh my god, everything in your life is great right now, you’re normal, you’re fixed, and you can go back to drinking normally… that is never the case.”

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And on what made her stop drinking, the reality star said, “I told everyone I know. I am back in therapy.”

Adding, “I walked around for two weeks filled with shame… the only way you can get out of that spiral is by getting honest and holding yourself accountable. That is the beautiful thing about treatment and programs; you get to be vulnerable again.”

Osbourne also shared advice on what to say to a friend or family member going through an addiction, “Go online, look up AA, and find a meeting near you, and go in, and raise your hand and say your name, and that you’re scared, and you don’t know what to do.”

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She continued, “It is the first step. People think that because you are this, you are broken and not good enough. What you have is an ‘ism’ and your brain works differently and we feel so much deeper.”

Beacher also detailed his own relapse during the interview.