Pixar’s upcoming animated family film has raised eyebrows for some apparent similarities to “Call Me By Your Name”.

In the 2017 Oscar winner, a 17-year-old teenager (Timothee Chalamet) has an affair with an older male (played by Armie Hammer) during a glorious summer on the Italian seaside.

Pixar’s Luca follows a young sea creature (Jacob Tremblay) who’s befriended by an older creature (Jack Dylan Grazer). Together they travel to the surface and take on human form as they enjoy summer in a bucolic Italian seaside village.

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After the debut of the “Luca” trailer, Twitter lit up with comparisons between the two movies.

However, “Luca” director Enrico Casarosa insists his film has nothing to do with “Call Me By Your Name”.

“That was really never in our plans,” Casarosa said in a virtual press conference, as reported by Entertainment Weeklyinsisting the relationship in his movie is about “friendship in that kind of pre-puberty world.”

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In fact, the film’s story was inspired by Casarosa and his childhood best friend Alberto, whom he described as “this bit of a troublemaker.”

Having the protagonists be sea creatures, he added, had to do with his own childhood in Italy’s Cinque Terre.  “All of these towns live so close to the sea, and there are so many fun tales of ‘Don’t go to that stop! It’s infested with a sea dragon,'” he said. “You find out later it’d be tall tales to protect their favourite fishing spot.”