Holly Madison is setting the record straight about some claims made by the producer of “The Girls Next Door” in the docuseries “For Real: The Story of Reality TV”.

In the Andy Cohen-hosted retrospective on reality television, executive producer Kevin Burns claimed that co-star Bridget Marquardt would watch each episode while using a stopwatch to keep track of how many minutes of screen time Kendra Wilkinson received.

“Completely untrue and I’m kind of grossed out he even said that,” said Madison in a video she posted on her YouTube channel on Wednesday. “First of all, why he would accuse Bridget of that and bring her into it, I have no idea.”

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She also pulled no punches in sharing her impression of Burns. “This guy was a very weird person,” she said. “I used to really like him, I thought he was charming, I thought he was fun to talk to, but over the years I realized what a manipulator he was and how he tried to play the three of us against each other, even past ‘Girls Next Door’ because he produced our spinoffs too. He would try and play us off each other and make us jealous of each other to get us to do things he wanted for the show.”

She added: “I think it’s really gross that he said that and I think he should be ashamed of himself. I know he’s bitter at me and mad at me for writing the book, but for him to bring up Bridget and say she did something she didn’t do to make her look petty, it’s 100 per cent, and I think it’s messed up.”

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She also had some harsh words for late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, claiming that he “encouraged” friction between the women.

“Even before the show was there, he would very much create double standards and different rules for the girls and it was deigned so he could have a big ego and he could feel fought over,” said Madison. “It was really gross, in my opinion.”