Lucy Liu is looking back on the important impact on inclusivity that she made thanks to her role in “Charlie’s Angels”. 

The 52-year-old actress played Alex Munday in the hit action movie from the year 2000.

In a new op-ed written for the Washington Post, Liu recalled how starring in the film helped to normalize Asian identity for mainstream audiences. 

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“My success has helped move the needle. But it’ll take more to end 200 years of Asian stereotypes,” she wrote. 

Liu was one of the biggest Asian-American stars of the ’00s, largely due to the huge success of “Charlie’s Angels”, also starring  Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. 

“When I was growing up, no one on television, in movies, or on magazine covers looked like me or my family,” she continued. 

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“Hollywood frequently imagines a more progressive world than our reality.”

Revealing why “Charlie’s Angels” was “so important” to her, she added, “As part of something so iconic, my character Alex Munday normalized Asian identity for a mainstream audience and made a piece of Americana a little more inclusive.”

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Liu wrote also said that she feels “fortunate to have ‘moved the needle’ a little with some mainstream success,” however, that success “is circumscribed, and there is still much further to go.”