P!nk has dominated the music industry for over 20 years, and it looks like she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The Grammy Award-winner is gearing up for the release of her new single “All I Know So Far” on Friday, May 7, along with an album and documentary of the same name on Friday, May 21.

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While chatting with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, the songstress reveals why she’s happy her music has had a lasting impact on her fans.

“I wanted to be a social worker or a singer, and I feel like I get to do both,” P!nk reveals. “I’m super interested in other people’s stories. I can’t stand when we all say, ‘Hi, how are you? Oh, good.’ How much time do you have? I will tell you how I really am. You tell me how you really are, and then we’ll have a connection and a relationship.”

The singer continues, “That’s kind of how I treat my music as it started. I’m so into the messiness of life and music connects this to that, and it is a lifesaver. Music saved my life. Those certain voices just cut through all the fat and all the darkness and speak to you. It’s an honour to get to be that for other people.”

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When it comes to new music, the 41-year-old says that she’s “always” writing fresh material, especially when her husband Carey Hart manages to tick her off.

“Every time Carey pisses me off, I write a poem,” she admits.

“I’ve been making music since I was 16 professionally. So it’s just been chapters,” she says of her previous records. “If this whole thing will end up being a life story and an experience, each album is a chapter of that. So, yeah, it will be where I’m at now.”

Adding, “What an interesting time to be creative. What an interesting time to be thinking about the human experience and what we’re all going through. I mean, it’s different in every country right now, but yeah, man, it’s been a wild ride the last year or so.”

“It’s very early days, but I will tell you, it will be very honest,” P!nk teases.

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Of course, her dedicated fans can’t help but wonder if her daughter Willow will feature on the new record after making her singing debut back in February on “Cover Me in Sunshine.”

“‘Cover Me in Sunshine’, when I heard it, I was like, ‘This is the sweetest, sweetest take on quarantine that I’ve ever heard of.’ I just had to do it just the song makes me feel good. I want to do things that make people feel good right now. That’s all I want to do,” she reveals.

“I was so fun,” she says of her daughter’s musical debut. “I was just tinkering around and Willow just, she sings. It’s what she does. She walks on her tippy-toes like I did and she sings all day, every day. Now Jamison does the same thing.”

Continuing, “She does not want to be a singer. She could care less. And she just sang on it the other day. I was like, ‘Hey, if you have a number one song in the Netherlands, like, that’s a big deal. That’s awesome.’ She goes, ‘What city is that like?’ ‘That’s Amsterdam.’ She’s like, ‘I love that city. Can I watch Avatar?'”

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P!nk’s documentary “All I Know So Far” will stream on Amazon Prime Video starting May 21.