Dionne Warwick is setting the record straight on the upcoming biopic series focusing on her incredible life.

The iconic singer took to Twitter on Thursday, April 29 to assure fans that work on the project will be going ahead.

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Warwick’s message comes amid reports that production on a biopic based on her life has hit a snag following allegations of workplace bullying against theatre producer Scott Rudin.

Rudin had been working on developing the film before facing recent backlash. 

“Most of you have either heard and/or read about Scott Rudin,” began the star, 80, in her Twitter video message.

“And yes, he did approach me to do a film on my life, which I’m still very excited about and my hope is for him to come out on the good side of all this rhetoric, and it’s going to be OK,” she added.

Emphasizing that the situation has not impacted the TV project that she’s currently working on starring Teyana Taylor, she explained, “It’s a series about my life and its got quite a bit of attention, which is very exciting.”

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Warwick also revealed that she has gotten another “talented mind” involved in the project, asking fans to guess who they think it might be.

According to TMZ, Rudin has been accused of “mistreating and bullying staffers for years.”

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The allegations also include “sexist and racist behaviour”, as well as claims that he threw items such as glass bowls and potatoes at people he worked with.