Amy Schumer will be the first to admit that motherhood has taken a toll on her sex life.

Schumer, 39, caught up with Kevin Hart for his SiriusXM program “Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart”. The “Trainwreck” actress explained how the birth of her first son, Gene, in 2019 has affected her sex life with husband Chris Fischer.

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“We probably have sex every seven to 10 days,” Schumer told Hart. “We do it and we go, ‘God, that’s so great. Like we need to do that more.’ And then we don’t do it again for another seven to 10 days. Wait, this happened the other day… I  go, ‘do you want to have sex?’ And he makes this face. He goes, he kind of pictured it. And like, winced.”

“He’s imagining it and he made a face kind of like he ate something bad,” Schumer continued. “He’s like, ‘how about tomorrow?’ And I was like, ‘Great. Thank you. I feel really good.'”

Schumer also shared the story of how she scored a commercial gig that Hart turned down.

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“At one point did a commercial that you might’ve at one point said ‘no’ to,” Schumer shared. “I was offered the commercial. I said, ‘Yeah, sure. I’ll do – I’ll sell truly anything. You want me in your lawyer ad? You want me in your ads talking about personal injuries? You got me.'”

“And they go, ‘Actually, we’re sorry, we’re going to go with Kevin Hart.’ And I go, ‘Kevin’s not going to say yes to this. And so when you come back to me after Kevin says, no, don’t be embarrassed. Because I’m ready.’ And that’s exactly what happened.”