“Big Brother Canada” has hit the stage when alliances that once held firm are evaporating as the finish line approaches and it’s every Houseguest for themselves, following last week’s fake double eviction and Monday’s real deal, which saw Jedson sent to the jury house.

With Breydon holding all the power as HOH with the POV, the stage was set for a wild ride. With Beth and Tera placed on the block, Breydon did not hide his preference when he spoke his mind in a confessional interview.

“I want Beth out of this house, out of my head and guess what Beth? I’m out of your pocket.”

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This leaves Beth painted into a corner, realizing her only move is to make a deal with Kiefer, offering to take him to the end.

Their conversation, however, doesn’t go as well as she’d hoped; Chief Kief is understandably skeptical, and reminds her that she had just pitched the others to backdoor him.

Following a raccoon-spotting challenge that resulted in a sweet barbecue feast for the Houseguests, it was time to vote.


In a unanimous 2-0 vote, Beth is the latest Houseguest sent to the jury house. This leaves Breydon, Tera, Tychon and Kiefer — the final four of “Big Brother Canada” Season 9.

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“What kind of roller coaster have I been on?” Beth told host Arisa Cox in her exit interview.


“Oh my gosh! These past two weeks have been up and down,” she added. “Someone’s runnin’ me over, backin’ all over me, I don’t even know what’s been happening.”

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