On Thursday night, Maya Rudolph appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and shared the story of being bitten by a black widow spider while on a girls trip to Palm Springs with her former “Saturday Night Live” castmates.

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The bite happened while she was getting a massage, she recalled, joking, “I guess nobody had used the room in, like, a hundred years.”

Asked what they did after discovering the bite, Rudolph said, “Apparently they call the paramedics,” sarcastically adding, “so that helped me relax completely.”

She then described the responses of each of her famous friends while in panic mode. Amy Poehler, for example, took charge of the situation in a calm and direct way.

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Tina Fey “gently” left the room to call her husband and “panicked on the phone in the other room.”

For some reason, Rachel Dratch went off to take a shower.

Kimmel then laughed at the idea of seeing all those funny women arriving at the hospital emergency room, though they didn’t end up going because, as Rudolph explained, “We had a reservation at a restaurant.”