“Black Monday” is returning with its third season, and the Showtime comedy about the crew behind the worst stock market crash in Wall Street history are entering a new decade as they scheme their way into the 1990s.

In the second season, Mo (Don Cheadle) and Keith (Paul Scheer) fled to Miami after their financial misdeeds, with Dawn (Regina Hall) and Blair (Andrews Rannells) taking over the TBD Group.

“Along the way, Blair used a congressman, Dawn used a college fund honcho, Keith got used by the Leighman Brothers and Tiff (Casey Wilson) used her Georgina Jeans capital on a hot new trend — skants!” recalls Showtime’s release. “In the end, Dawn took the hit for Black Monday, and Mo reigned supreme as head of the newly minted The Mo Co. What lies in store for him, his band of underdogs and his enemies will all play out in season three.”


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A first look at the upcoming season begins with Mo paying a visit to Dawn, who’s “exploiting her business savvy behind bars,” while Mo reveals his latest scam: entering the music business with his “crown jewel,” singer Nomi (guest star Adrienne Wells), described as “a self-possessed young talent with the voice to prove it, might be too hot to handle.”

Meanwhile, newly elected Congressman Blair finds himself as “a guppy navigating shark-filled political waters” but can count on the guidance of his”equally ambitious new Young Republican handler Werner (guest star Thomas Barbusca).”

The new season of “Black Monday” kicks off Sunday, May 23.