Lauren Jauregui just dropped her powerful new song, “Temporary”.

The track is being released as part of The Ad Council’s new Sound It Out campaign which is focused on starting conversations with students and their parents and caregivers about mental health.

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The YouTube caption reads, “Featuring the feelings of a 13 year old named Anna. Use it to start a conversation with your kids about emotional well-being.”

Jauregui shares of the release and its powerful message, “I’m so grateful to Ad Council and the Sound It Out project for having me be a part of such a necessary conversation.”

Continuing, “I would say it’s the time we’re in but I feel as though my parents, my grandparents and great grandparents would’ve benefited greatly from these kind of conversations around mental health when they were kids.”

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“The stigmas are only ever going to go away if we talk about it and I’m grateful to have been able to express how I feel and to have had such an open, honest conversation with Anna and her mom about our experiences. I hope others feel as warm listening to it as we felt making it.”

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