Topher Grace is revealing why he goes by a shortened version of his name.

In a new interview with Anthony Anderson for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the actor revealed where the nickname ‘Topher’ came from and why he no longer goes by ‘Christopher.’

“I was Chris when I was a kid… people would call me Chris and I wanted to go by Christopher,” he explained. “My mom’s name is Patricia and people only called her Pat so she always said ‘You should go by your full name.’”“So I’d say ‘Hi, my name’s Christopher‘ and they’d say ‘Nice to meet you Chris,’” he said, taking a pause. “And I’d say ‘Topher.’”

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He continued, “And then when I went to boarding school I said it as a joke that I might use it as my name and the hottest girl at school said, ‘That’s cute!’”

“So that was it, it wasn’t like a Hollywood thing or anything,” he added.

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The “That ’70s Show” star also spoke about how during quarantine, he welcomed his second child, and when he signed up to star in the new show “Home Economics,” he was excited to leave the house. He later realized he messed up after forgetting his character was a father of twin babies.

The actor also talked about the awkward moment when he was the only cast member not to receive applause after the Cannes Film Festival screening of his acclaimed movie “BlacKkKlansman.”