Prince William is joining a boycott of social media this weekend, and it’s for a very good reason.

On Friday, he shared what will be his final Instagram post before Monday, in his capacity as president of the British Football Association.

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“As president of the FA I join the entire football community in the social media boycott this weekend,” he wrote.

In a caption accompanying the message, the Duke of Cambridge explained that he’s joining a social media boycott led by British footballers, in effect from Friday, April 30 until Monday, May 3.

The effort, he explained, is “in response to the sustained abuse received online by players and many others in the football community,” with a goal of moving social media companies to take stronger measures to prevent racist and sexist abuse on their platforms.

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As People reports, Raheem Stirling of Manchester City has been the victim of such abuse, and took to Instagram to announce he was joining the campaign.

In addition to British footballers, Formula One world champ Lewis Hamilton has joined the effort as well.

“To stand in solidarity with the football community, I will be doing dark on my social media channels this weekend,” he wrote on Twitter.

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“There is no place in our society for any kind of abuse, online or not, and for too long it’s been easy for a small few to post hate from behind their screens,” Hamilton added. “While a boycott might not solve this issue overnight, we have to call for change when needed, even when it seems like an almost impossible task.”